Final Fantasy XV Rant and Thoughts

This rant was made prior to all the recent news of upcoming DLC and other things as I’ll primarily talking about the ending mostly. Beware of lots of capslock rage and incoherent words haha.

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Games and Anime highlights of 2016 (Part 1)

I’m not gonna sugarcoat this, 2016 sucked as a year, just as a year in general. Not specifically animated or gamewise. Just fuck 2016.

So many good people died, tragedies have happened all across the world, USA got Donald Trump as a president and it’s terrifying and just so many things happening this year that it is probably going to go down as a year to be remembered. And not in a good way.

Thankfully though for anime and game fans, we actually had quite a good year and had some really awesome games and anime that I think are worth mentioning.

This is not going to be a Top10 or really a list per se, but just me telling you guys my personal favorite anime and games that have come out this year that I loved.

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Let’s Survive! Devil Survivor 2 review Part 2

You know, it seems like every time someone brings up Atlus on the internet, it’s shortly followed by praise, adoration, or gushing.  Or alternatively — or simultaneously — declaring Atlus as the greatest gaming company around…whether that’s in regards to JRPGs, or just games in general. If nothing else — if you learn nothing, or take away nothing else from these posts — then you have to learn that Atlus’ love is unquestionably deserved. What “The House of Jack Frost” lacks in resources or raw graphical power, they make up for with overwhelming style, enthralling stories, and gameplay that’ll make you want to take a sledgehammer to whatever system has the misfortune of loading up one of Atlus’ bosses.

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Let it Rip! A (long) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review (Part 2)


You know, I’m reminded of a conversation I had with my brother a couple of weeks ago.  He noticed I was really excited about the then-upcoming release of Revengeance; knowing that I tended to keep a pulse on game reviews, he asked me if I thought it would get good scores — especially in comparison to the fresh-on-the-market DmC.  I gave him my prediction.  “No, it probably won’t get good reviews.  There’s no denying that it’ll be good, but the scores won’t be as high as DmC’s.  People will probably say the story is stupid, or confusing, or something.  Or some other flaw.”

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Let it Rip! A (long) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review (Part 1)


Even though I say “review” it’s more of a mix with retrospective. I first came upon this when it was first announced at E3, and like Final Fantasy versus 13 15, it was stuck in what one would call “development hell”, switching industry and waiting a long while until it finally got released. And yes I got the eu limited edition, getting me this baby:

MGS-Raiden-Rising-Play-Arts-Kai(aww yeah)

So, what did I think about the game?

It’s great. go play it.

What you want more delicious words? Okay. If you say so…

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