Digital Devil Saga 1&2 Review


Megami Tensei is probably one of those under-rated series you have never heard about. Compared to the marketing budget that series like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Star Ocean, Tales Of, Suikoden or even .Hack can afford, the developer/publisher Atlus are very well known for producing very limited numbers of their games, in order to minimise losses (remember the E.T. scandal?) as well as recognizing that the the Japanese role-playing games genre belongs to a small niche market, dominated only by a single franchise; Final Fantasy. Perhaps it makes sense from a marketing point of view, but it doesn’t help in introducing a great series to people.

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Let’s Survive! Devil Survivor 2 review Part 2

You know, it seems like every time someone brings up Atlus on the internet, it’s shortly followed by praise, adoration, or gushing.  Or alternatively — or simultaneously — declaring Atlus as the greatest gaming company around…whether that’s in regards to JRPGs, or just games in general. If nothing else — if you learn nothing, or take away nothing else from these posts — then you have to learn that Atlus’ love is unquestionably deserved. What “The House of Jack Frost” lacks in resources or raw graphical power, they make up for with overwhelming style, enthralling stories, and gameplay that’ll make you want to take a sledgehammer to whatever system has the misfortune of loading up one of Atlus’ bosses.

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