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Games and Anime highlights of 2016 (Part 2)

Onwards to Part 2 I will talk about my Anime highlights of 2016 and, well there is quite a lot so lets get down to it shall we?

Here’s some honourable mentions of anime i watched but will not go into greater detail as I will with the others because then we would have a much longer list haha:

91 Days, Alderamin on The Sky, All Out!!, Assassination Classroom Season 2, Days, Cheer Danshi!!, Drifters, Arslan Senki Season 2, Fune wo Amu, Nanbaka, March Comes in like a Lion, Prince of Stride, Kuromukuro, Tales of Zestiria the X, ReLIFE, Occultic;Nine and Haruchika.

Obviously I won’t list every single anime I watched so here’s my MAL if anyone’s interested on what else i watched this year: https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Izanagi-No-Kai

I can say that there are some anime coming out this year that I wanted to watch but didn’t have enough interest at that time and probably will watch in the future (next year maybe?)

Nevertheless, lets start!


Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

We hit it right off with probably one of the most hyped series of the year lol, Did it live to its hype. In my opinion, absolutely. It completely blew my expectations out of the water.

It took something basic and completely twisted it around in surprising ways. Subaru have become one of my favorite anime protagonists and Rem is my best girl ❤


Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

I loved the manga and the anime is no difference, they completely nailed the comedy and I laughed out loud so many times watching this. It’s relaxing, fun, consistently funny, and a great show for anyone who wants to unwind and laugh. I would definitely recommend this anime. Bow to our lord Sakamoto.


Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Speaking of comedies, KonoSuba was also an awesome anime dealing with a lot of comedy. No matter what, I never get tired of “Main character get teleported to a rpg-like world” formula, and this anime proves it, in more ways than one.





Natsume Yuujinchou Go

The 5th season of Natsume yuujinchou and so far it still remains as one of my all time favorite anime ever, absolutely beautiful.


Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Speaking of getting stuck in another fantasy world, here’s another one! The animation was the first thing to get me sold in this show and then the music… wonderful. The story was also interesting and the characters felt really realistic to me. I can hope for a second season but I guess in the meantime I’ll read the Light Novel.


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

I like Steampunk, I like zombies and Hiroyuki Sawano doing the soundtrack? I’m sold. Now I did hope a bit more from this show and may have set my expectations a bit too high (okay, like WAAY high) But I still enjoyed the show for what’s it worth and again can hope for a second season since I want to know more about their world and the characters.


D.Gray-Man Hallow

If I have to be completely honest, this season did disappoint me a bit. It might be my Nostalgia speaking (which it probably is) I absolutely loved the first D.Gray-Man anime, and it holds as an all time favorite in my heart along with the manga and I was excited that they actually wanted to continue the show from where it left off. But alas it didn’t hit my expectations for a lot of reasons but I still think it’s a highlight of sorts since I got to see my boy Allen and his precious friends animated again.


Durarara!!×2 Ketsu

The third and final cour of Durarara!! and oh boy it was a journey. Still can’t believe that the show started in 2011, feel such a long time ago… there is so much i could tell about this show but it would be spoilers so I’ll just say to watch it yourself because this is something that needs to be experienced, this show is truly a gem among anime in my opinion.



Dealing with themes like depression and suicide in anime can be quite a challenge and this one really nailed in terms of maturity and deep meaning to it. The anime was so beautiful and sad but also quite heartwarming and I felt really satisfied afterwards.

Suwa is such a sweetheart and the best bro.


Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

Another hyped up anime that I think (kind of) lives up to its hype. Now granted I haven’t read the manga yet but I still think the anime was really great. Plot-twists, mysteries and time-travel, this show was awesome. And of course the opening gets stuck in my head.




This show was… special in a way, don’t really know how to describe it. The story was okay and the characters were great but I really wanted something more, I wanted to know more than what we got. I doubt we’ll get more of this (maybe an OVA?) but the show still left an impact on me and the opening was absolutely beautiful. Bless Michiyuki Kawashima, you’ll be solely missed.


Bungou Stray Dogs

I already read the manga before the anime was announced but nevertheless i still enjoyed it. It stuck mostly faithful to the source material and I looked forward to a new episode each week when this show aired.


Boku no Hero Academia

What can I say that haven’t already been said about this? The animation was on point, the story was awesome, the characters were great and I can’t wait for the second season next year!


Mob Psycho 100

I absolutely loved this show. It was funny, exciting, heartfelt and just a delight to watch. 100/100 Salt Attacks.



Yuri!!! On ICE

Ah, Yuri on Ice, a title that isn’t what it seems. Coming into this show, I had high expectations and didn’t have an ounce of disappointment. Perhaps the show isn’t suitable for everyone’s tastes or style but I would recommend it to anyone. This anime takes ice skating and character relationships to a new level that is phenomenal. It truly as the opening said “was born to make history”.

Aaaand that was it for me in 2016, it was as I mentioned before not the best year in general but it still gave us these games and shows that we love and I hope to see even more in 2017.

So until next time, Yami out~ (*^▽゚) /~



















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Assassination Classroom/Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Live Action Movie Review

Okay. I just finished watching the Assassination Classroom live action movie and …..

was more or less not that impressed since they literally took out all my favorite moments in the series. I was pretty much giggling through the entire thing because of how ridiculous some of the scenes were.

Though I did have a lot of fun pointing out who each character was since I actually could tell who was who from the hairstyle and how they dressed. (They did pretty well matching appearance-wise since I could actually tell who was who despite not having the same hair color)

But what they pulled at the very last second near the end I just started yelling: WHAT?! YOU CAN’T DO THAT! THAT’S SEVERE SPOILERS (as in you don’t get to know that until 100+ chapters in the manga) AND YOU’RE JUST GIVING IT AWAY LIKE THAT?!?! AND NO ONE ELSE IN CLASS FREAKING NOTICED THAT?!?!?! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I wish they focused more on some characters’ background but I understand that filming a live action is really hard and they had only 2 hours.


Hopefully October will come and they will get to act together again.

Now for the actual review.

The Story

The movie picks a lot of the noticeable scenes from the manga including multiple arcs such as both transfer students arcs (Ritsu and Itona) as well as everyone’s favourite teacher Takaoka.

I think in terms of content, my guess for the anime it would be up to the first 40-50 chapters and for the live action will be pretty similar. However, unlike 22 episodes, there will only be around 2 hours which is not much. Originally I was hoping that Ansatsu Kyoushitsu would get an 11-13 episode drama instead of a movie, but this ended up like Sukitte Ii na yo and Silver Spoon’s live movies where there was too much content and the movie felt kind of rushed as an result.

The Characters

Okay so I’m going to ignore the common complaints by most anime-only fans when it comes to live action adaptions of manga. I don’t care if you people hate that their hair ain’t blue/red or if they don’t look nearly how the character is in the original content. I’d rather have the characters be able to act the part well than to have them look similar and act the part horribly and ruin the movie.

I was honestly not expecting Yamada Ryosuke to play Nagisa – and no doubt, I know a lot of people didn’t expect it either. Now don’t get me wrong, being a Hey! Say! JUMP fan I love Yama-chan, but I wasn’t 100% on him playing Nagisa’s part. His diverse acting skills can get him playing someone as cold as Ryuu (Tantei Gakuen Q) to someone as goofy as Kindachi (Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo Neo), a lot of people will think he’s overrated and what not and a lot of people who don’t even know AssaClass will watch it anyway because of him, but we’ll leave it to the movie to see if he does Nagisa well.

And I think he did it very well.

I think most people’s complaints at first was about how he doesn’t look “trap”/girly enough. (But even then I’m probably the only person that that doesn’t think the original Nagisa looks like a girl to begin with…) However, I don’t think it will include any of the chapters where Nagisa needs to and will be confused as a girl so it won’t hurt much in terms of story, but more on the original manga fans who want it to stay true to the manga. (But again I think this was a good choice anyway, especially when you think about Nagisa and his horrible mother) I think personally, if he had done the movie a couple years younger he would have suited the appearance of the original content Nagisa more. Not necessarily in his days of Tantei Gakuen Q, but back when his face was still babyish and chubby (them cheeks xD).

Ofc we can just pull out the Risou no Musuko 2.0 and put Yama-chan in some cute girly clothes cause why not xD

And one a side note I laughed really hard at the first Nagisa vs Takaoka fight since he literally just smiled, walked over to Takaoka and went boop to him with the knife to his neck.

The other actors I’m not quite familiar with. I remember Suda Masaki (Karma) from High School Debut, but it’s been a while since I’ve watched that. Haven’t watch it, but I know he’s in Kamen Rider too.

He really does fit more of the delinquent-ness that Karma had and I think I can really take a liking to him playing him – Especially his chill fall of the cliff. I can see a few Karma fans taking a disliking to him just from not looking like Karma.

I don’t understand why they added that OC that interacted with Nagisa to be quite honest …. I mean, do they want to create a sort of menage à trois or love triangle or how do you want to call it!? Did they really have to?!

A lot of the others, I’ve seen them in one or no dramas/movies at all (Takaoka is Ando from Ikemen Desu ne ). Jiyoung is so fucking sexy, ‘kay. Exactly as Irina.


Keeping Korosensei to have his own section. I’ve seen a lot of comments about the CGI being okay or horrible from various people – someone said they should’ve gotten specific people from Weta to do it which is lol because Japan’s films are often way lower budget than your Hollywood ones.

I personally don’t mind Korosensei or maybe I’m just used to the cheaper CGI with watching too much jdramas/adaptations xD He does feel a bit more plastic-y than I imagined.


It looks like another “too much content into one movie” adaptation and would have been better suited a drama instead.

I watched it anyway as it’s one of my favorite manga and current anime as well as being a Hey! Say! JUMP fan and a fan of Yamada’s acting.

I’m going to say it now, but this movie is definitely not going to please everyone and I can tell a lot of people will be disappointed – especially for the people who will constantly compare original content to the adaptation. (Like me *cough*)

I would stick with watching the anime and reading the manga since it seemed like they didn’t have the budget to really go all out on those really epic scenes in the series (they stuck to one set for most of the movie). But if you’re just a die-hard fan of AC and need to see everything relating to it, I’d say go for it.

It’s not the greatest adaption since the scenes go by really quickly without really having any chance to have the characters in the spotlight. So I felt like I didn’t really have an attachment to anyone. All the epic scenes in the series felt really anti-climactic.

But overall it was interesting experience watching it.

Truthfully I think this will be a fun one to watch if you give it a chance.

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Plastic Memories Review (warning for spoilers!)

Before we begin, I just want all of you to know that, on the first episode of Plastic Memories, I cried like a little girl. I’d like to say I’m ashamed of myself, but the truth is, this anime just has that many feels. I believe that’s why some people call it Plastic Feels instead of Plastic Memories.

Despite how heart rending some of the scenes were, I really did enjoy this anime. The emotional scenes were emotional and never failed to bring tears, but they were also offset by some really nice humor that lessened the, “I just wanna curl up into a ball and cry.” moments.


18-year-old Tsukasa Mizugaki is offered a position at the renowned SAI Corporation, known for its production and management of androids called “Giftia”. Tsukasa’s position is in the Terminal Service Department, recovering Giftias that are close to their expiration date—it is a graveyard department in every sense. Tsukasa is partnered with Isla, a female Giftia whose only responsibility appears to be serving tea to her co-workers.

While the anime is labeled as a sci-fi, the actual sci-fi itself isn’t all that important beyond the idea of Giftia, the androids who can experience human emotions. Society in this anime has advanced to the point where they can literally create robots that replicate human emotions – these androids feel, think, act, and interact as if they were human. In many ways, they are human. However, this anime is also somewhat misleading. While there are a number of scenes that are heartrending, a good portion of this anime is light-hearted, funny, and deals with the awkward romance between Tsukasa and Isla. I didn’t mind this so much, mostly because I don’t think I could’ve dealt with too much heart break, but I know others who might be turned off by this. Also, while this wasn’t a deal breaker for me, there is one thing about this anime that I didn’t like and made much of the story feel a little contrived.

If this wondrous, technological society is so damn advance, then why the hell do they not have a way to store a Giftia’s memory and place it in a new body? This is the one sore point for the anime, and also an issue that makes the feels less feely than they could be. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if they explained WHY a Giftia’s memory couldn’t be stored in some hardcore USB drive, but they don’t, and because they don’t, a part of my disbelief is suspended, which cheapens some of the really heart rending moments.


I did enjoy the artwork in here. The art style is very bright and vivid, and there’s a wide range of color palettes being used. Some of the character designs were a little bland, but a lot of the secondary characters are just archetypes and don’t get much screen time, so I feel like I can forgive them. I do like Isla’s design, but even I’ll admit that she’s a dead ringer for a long-haired version of Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion.


I’d say about average. Honestly, there isn’t anything inspiring about the sound, but the quality is nice and I didn’t hear anything wrong with it. Also the op and ed was very good.

Spoilers incoming (for: Plastic Memories, Kyoukai no Kanata/Beyond the Boundary, Angel Beats). 

Well, the good news is my tear ducts are now so empty that I’ll never cry again. I think that’s good news, anyway.

The bad news is that I finished Plastic Memories and I’m fuckin’ sad. This show didn’t even try to attempt some fake happy ending. This was no Kyoukai no Kanata, this shit straight up Angel Beat me over the head with feelings.

And it was stronger for it.  

Because unlike Beyond the Boundary, character deaths in this series don’t come as a surprise. We’re given an explicit timeline for them, and when that time runs out, there are no resets on the clock. No coming back. And, unlike Angel Beats, we actually got to spend the majority of the episodes watching our lead couple meet, connect, and grow together.

There is something immensely powerful about two characters forging ahead in love when they know it’s doomed. I really appreciated the fact that the series allowed romance to blossom before the final few moments, getting the misgivings of the lead couple (and their friends!) out of the way so we could enjoy their last days together alongside them.

This anime isn’t all feels and tears. The humor is actually pretty damn funny. The main heroine in this story, Isla, is a Giftia, an android that possesses human emotions to the point where you’d never be able to tell them apart from a regular human – and she is an absolute riot. Seriously, some of the crap she pulls off in this anime makes me laugh my ass off.

I remember watching her jump off a railing and belly flop into a trash can in one episode. I laughed so hard. Of course, the fun and games is also played up because of how heart breaking this anime is. Isla, especially, is a tragic character, in spite of all the humorous stunts she pulls. I think, for me, this is what makes me like her so much. She’s funny, but at the same time, I really feel for her – because Isla is a Giftia, and Giftia only last for a total of 8 or so years before expiring. That’s what this entire anime is about, and it’s why the story is so tragic.

The show did have a few occasional tonal stumbling blocks – sometimes its humor worked great, but at other times it would attempt to shoehorn in an awkward sex joke at the worst possible time, as if afraid it was taking itself too seriously.

Then there was an entire plot line that revolved around how terrifying the Giftia (androids) were if they were allowed to go out of control that only served as backstory for one character and a relatively unnecessary action sequence. I think the slow degradation into a vegetable state was much more poignant and tragic than a small percentage of Giftia suddenly going berserk and trying to kill people.

But these were small flaws I could overlook in the face of surprisingly meaningful character interaction. The typical archetype characters in particular subverted their natures in ways that brought tears to my eyes – the tsundere going out of her way to help the MCs find love and being brought to tears over it; the emotionless girl quickly being revealed to never have been all that emotionless in the first place, instead trying to protect those around her; the “oblivious main character” proving again and again that he was far more intelligent and considerate than anyone could have guessed.

Tragic or not, there were some really touching scenes in this. I thought the romance between Tsukasa, the main character, and Isla, was downright adorable – incredibly funny and potential deadly for Tsukasa, but mostly adorable. Watching them muddle through their relationship, seeing Tsukasa try – and usually fail – to make Isla happy, really made it worth watching this anime. For those who enjoy watching a heartfelt romance with touching moments that are mired in beautiful tragedy – I’m looking at you Clannad fans – you’ll definitely enjoy this. For those of you who don’t like crying your eyes out, well, you probably won’t want to touch this with a ten foot pole.

This was a show that didn’t rush itself; it moved resolutely and honestly towards its inevitable conclusion. The kind of steadfast journey forward that brings tears to your eyes slowly – first a burning, then a blurring in the eyes, until all of a sudden you’re crying because you want to (not because you were meant to).

It’s a series that celebrates (not mourns) the brightest of loves, the ones that shine too bright and too quick, the ones that are everlasting and never fading, because they ended too soon.

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D.Gray Man: why you should REALLY give this manga a try (no spoilers, mostly pictures)


In the light of D.Gray man returning to serialization I’ve decided to write a post about the awesomeness of this manga, about what it means to me and why I recommend it to every shounen enthusiast out there. Especially those of you, who loved Fullmetal Alchemist (and also Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul). If this post convinces any of you to give this piece a try, I would be immensely happy.

This manga is written by an AMAZING female mangaka Hoshino Katsura. It was originally published weekly in Shounen Jump for 5 years. It was one of the best-sellers for Shueisha, with over 20 million copies sold. Both in Japan and in North America several individual volumes have been featured in weekly top ten lists of best-selling manga. It received a huge amount of rewards. Unfortunately, due to the author’s sickness it was first moved to monthly magazine and then put into an excruciating two year long hiatus that is fortunately coming to an end soon.

Now, this manga is awesome, I tell you. It is a masterpiece in the shounen genre. It was my absolute NUMBER ONE since I was 14, the style and characters of D.Gray-man resonated so much with me that I just couldn’t resist it. Let me tell you about it.



D.Gray man is undeniably a shounen manga, it has the best qualities of this genre (focus on action, personal stories, heartbreaking camaraderie, etc), yet the themes it dwells upon, the distance it makes its characters go, the tragedies it explores are close to a seinen level (Very close to what FMA is dealing with). Forget about Attack on Titan with its raw and meaty violence, here all tragedies and deaths are deeply personal and “enemy” operates on a thin psychological level, disturbing the border between good and evil, desire and fear, reality and nightmare.This is the story about war, the version of the devil that wants to destroy the world and The Church that prepares human weapons (“Exorcists”) to fight against this evil. Yet, there is no “good side”, there is mystery and unbelievable sacrifice, and darkness dwells in The Church just as much as in the streets filled with demons. More than that – this is the manga where enemy is loved, not understood, far from that, but LOVED – by the author, by the characters involved in both sides of the conflict. It was the first time I experienced such raw mixture of heartbreaking love and hate in characters. (By the way comedy is VERY good too.)



Four central elements of style – Gothic, Victorian England, military and catholic church. The world of D.Gray-man is very dark, the author constantly uses deformed and grotesque images to underline how madness leaks into reality. I like it, because it goes much further than scary faces in both AoT and TG (even though Tokyo Ghoul use it on a psychological level as well), sometimes it takes your breath away. A lot of symbolic imagery is used – latin inscriptions, runes, pentagrams, religious imagery. It is not over-complicated in my opinion, nor is it just a mindless decoration, since it creates a very authentic and thoughtful vision of the world. The military uniforms are beautiful – no wonder that my first attempt at cosplay was for this manga. The characters are drawn very pretty – you won’t find an ugly character. There is enough moderate fanservice for any gender preference, though the cast is mainly male (one female out of four main characters). Since the author is a woman, men are drawn REALLY handsome.


The art is mind-blowing. It starts good and juicy, and then gets better and better and better to a point where every panel is worth putting on a wall in a frame. No kidding. To tell the truth, it got worse in the final chapters before the hiatus, but I blame that on author’s sickness and expect a full return of quality.



Very shounen-like, what can I say? Each character has his own type of weapon, the weapon is alive and evolves while straining or even devouring the body of the user. It is always interesting to see the consequences of using some powers – like the power to stop time that allows people who have suffered mortal damage stay alive little longer but with no chance of healing. I’d also say that Hoshino’s battle-style is more context based, more about the adventure, the surroundings than simple moves. And I like that way more than recycling moves again and again by adding little new features.



On the first glance characters in DGM transparently fall into well established “types” – there is a silent cool type, nice guy type, clumsy type, trickster type, etc. – enough to appeal to any taste. The thing is – all these characters eventually get tons of deeper levels, they all exceed expectations. Almost all of them are eventually pushed into a gray zone where their darker sides are explored. It is also important to note that there are no doormat types, all characters are very assertive and have their own agenda, they form events around them.


This is very true especially about the main character – Allen Walker, whom I grew to love deeply. He starts as your average nice guy, gentleman, new to events, but in just a few chapters it is fully implied that this is just his cover persona or a personality shift based on trauma, while he is a much more complex and controversial character. He is perfectly capable of manipulating people, he always has his individual take on events, he is hot tempered and possesses dark secrets and solid principles in the way he handles things. His story is one of the most tragic I’ve ever encountered – his body and mind are constantly deformed and threatened, and the further the story goes the less you believe in a happy ending for him. He does remind you of Edward from FMA A LOT (and arguably even Kaneki from TG as well) – his first background trip is actually about him turning his father into a demon and having to kill him and awakening a weapon in his arm in the process – but later his story and characterization go in a completely different direction, just as his background eventually discovers much more than this simple tragedy.

This manga also works with racial diversity a lot – all characters come from different countries, have different skin color and even different manners\hobbies based on their origin. There are characters of different sizes and even characters with disabilities.


Heroine – Lenalee Lee

Separate paragraph, because it is a touchy issue after Naruto, I think. For once instead of a tsundere heroine we have a true Lady – well mannered, caring, reserved. She comes very close to being a Mary Sue – undeniably strong, beautiful, beloved. Yet, she has a very tragic background, evolving relationships, very natural fears and moments of weakness and anguish. If she is a Mary Sue, I’m ok with that, because she works beautifully in the story and there are no ugly sides of her that are covered up. Hoshino succeeds in showing Lenalee’s strength coming from within her beliefs. I won’t deny – she is used as a damsel in distress (not many times, but rather once and for a period of time as she is disabled physically), she cries, she works as an emotional engine of the plot as she empathizes with her comrades and feels their pain deeply. I’m ok with all that because it is justified by her background, because it actually helps people around her move forward and because apart from that she shows amazingly strong spirit and battle prowess. Her being used as damsel in distress NEVER tarnishes her dignity, it never becomes a one-dimensional ploy to keep the story going, and most importantly – it starts with an awesome display of strength and it ends with an amazing power up.


Shipping (I know it is important for a lot of people)

Good news, Lenalee is NOT a romantic fodder. There is NO explicit romantic plot in D.Gray man at all, only hints, rare blushes and VERY strong comradeship. It doesn’t stop people from shipping Lenalee with everyone in the cast. But to be honest there is a HUGE yaoi shipping potential here too, hardly less than hetero. I myself am an AllenXLavi / AllenxTyki shipper and just as I was never disappointed with choosing them, I was never displeased by other shippers, because all characters’ bonds are honestly unique, beautiful and have potential for blooming into something more. No war, guys.



I highly recommend any person who appreciates great shounen to go read this manga, it is only 200 chapters. I feel like chances that you won’t like it if you like Fullmetal Alchemist, Tokyo Ghoul or\and Attack on Titan are VERY slim, I am almost inclined to say “no way you won’t love it”. I have to confess here that I didn’t like the last ten or so chapters of this manga before it went into hiatus, it was good, but just not as amazingly good as before. I blame it on the author’s sickness and hope that both story and art will return to its previous quality. I am incredibly happy to see this manga continue and I hope that it won’t dissapoint me. (spoiler: it wont)

Also in the meantime you can also check out the anime as well!


Shinji Ikari Defense


When I first got into Evangelion (which was YEARS ago), I had heard from fans that Shinji was a whiny, wimpy emo kid with serious daddy issues. I braced myself and watched the series, preparing to at best tolerate him, and what did I find? A realistic, relatable main character who’s actually very strong (if not in the conventional sense), and someone that I just want to give a hug.

So, here’s my defense of him…

Firstly, I can’t stand it when people accuse Shinji of being “emo”. He has legitimate reasons for being upset. To elaborate on a few of the things he had to put up with:

-His own Evangelion mauled a kid while on autopilot, and he didn’t know that kid was his friend Toji until it was too late.

-He found out that Rei was just an expendable clone, and saw her sacrifice herself for him.

-He was forced to kill the only person to ever say “I love you” to him.

-He lost Asuka to a coma, and later saw her get mauled by the MP Evas.

Are those not good enough reasons for a fourteen year old to be upset, haters? (and since this is Eva we’re talking about, “upset” is a bold understatement)


Secondly, the most common complaint about Shinji is that he’s a “wimp”. Yes, he does run away from his problems, but keep in mind how much stress he has to put up with, and after all, don’t we all run away at some point in our lives?

Yes, he did refuse to pilot Unit 01 at first, but in my opinion, he was just asserting himself (and he did have a point in saying that he had no idea how to pilot the thing). And, to be honest, he would’ve been a dick if seeing how badly injured Rei was wasn’t enough to sway him.

Then, in Episode 18, he refused to attack Unit 03 because there was a kid in there – an action I interpret as a strong moral stance against killing people. Cue the fandom calling him a wuss for not being a man and going out to fight. Then, after Gendo cut off Shinji’s control of Unit 01 and put the mecha on auto-pilot, resulting in Toji getting critically injured, it was little wonder Shinji never wanted to pilot an Eva again. Yet still, the fandom accuses him of being a wuss.


Oh, and he definitely isn’t a wuss with all the hell he managed to cope with. It’s actually pretty impressive that it took him until End of Evangelion to snap. If I was in his position, I’d probably be a nervous, gibbering wreck by Episode 6.

Another point I’d like to make is that a large portion of Shinji’s hatedom complains about him not being a typical mecha protagonist. It really annoys me to see them all “Man, if I could pilot an Evangelion, I’d kick all the Angel’s asses, and I’d be banging Rei, Asuka and Misato by the end of day one”. Don’t mean to burst your bubble, mecha fans, but Evangelion isn’t that kind of series. It’s the kind of series that shows the ugly side of mecha, so of course the main protagonist won’t be a super manly macho man. Want ultra badass manly men kicking ass in their kickass mechas? Gurren Lagann and GaoGaiGar are that-a-way.

*Goes back to reading Kawoshin*