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Games and Anime highlights of 2016 (Part 2)

Onwards to Part 2 I will talk about my Anime highlights of 2016 and, well there is quite a lot so lets get down to it shall we?

Here’s some honourable mentions of anime i watched but will not go into greater detail as I will with the others because then we would have a much longer list haha:

91 Days, Alderamin on The Sky, All Out!!, Assassination Classroom Season 2, Days, Cheer Danshi!!, Drifters, Arslan Senki Season 2, Fune wo Amu, Nanbaka, March Comes in like a Lion, Prince of Stride, Kuromukuro, Tales of Zestiria the X, ReLIFE, Occultic;Nine and Haruchika.

Obviously I won’t list every single anime I watched so here’s my MAL if anyone’s interested on what else i watched this year: https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Izanagi-No-Kai

I can say that there are some anime coming out this year that I wanted to watch but didn’t have enough interest at that time and probably will watch in the future (next year maybe?)

Nevertheless, lets start!


Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

We hit it right off with probably one of the most hyped series of the year lol, Did it live to its hype. In my opinion, absolutely. It completely blew my expectations out of the water.

It took something basic and completely twisted it around in surprising ways. Subaru have become one of my favorite anime protagonists and Rem is my best girl ❤


Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

I loved the manga and the anime is no difference, they completely nailed the comedy and I laughed out loud so many times watching this. It’s relaxing, fun, consistently funny, and a great show for anyone who wants to unwind and laugh. I would definitely recommend this anime. Bow to our lord Sakamoto.


Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Speaking of comedies, KonoSuba was also an awesome anime dealing with a lot of comedy. No matter what, I never get tired of “Main character get teleported to a rpg-like world” formula, and this anime proves it, in more ways than one.





Natsume Yuujinchou Go

The 5th season of Natsume yuujinchou and so far it still remains as one of my all time favorite anime ever, absolutely beautiful.


Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Speaking of getting stuck in another fantasy world, here’s another one! The animation was the first thing to get me sold in this show and then the music… wonderful. The story was also interesting and the characters felt really realistic to me. I can hope for a second season but I guess in the meantime I’ll read the Light Novel.


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

I like Steampunk, I like zombies and Hiroyuki Sawano doing the soundtrack? I’m sold. Now I did hope a bit more from this show and may have set my expectations a bit too high (okay, like WAAY high) But I still enjoyed the show for what’s it worth and again can hope for a second season since I want to know more about their world and the characters.


D.Gray-Man Hallow

If I have to be completely honest, this season did disappoint me a bit. It might be my Nostalgia speaking (which it probably is) I absolutely loved the first D.Gray-Man anime, and it holds as an all time favorite in my heart along with the manga and I was excited that they actually wanted to continue the show from where it left off. But alas it didn’t hit my expectations for a lot of reasons but I still think it’s a highlight of sorts since I got to see my boy Allen and his precious friends animated again.


Durarara!!×2 Ketsu

The third and final cour of Durarara!! and oh boy it was a journey. Still can’t believe that the show started in 2011, feel such a long time ago… there is so much i could tell about this show but it would be spoilers so I’ll just say to watch it yourself because this is something that needs to be experienced, this show is truly a gem among anime in my opinion.



Dealing with themes like depression and suicide in anime can be quite a challenge and this one really nailed in terms of maturity and deep meaning to it. The anime was so beautiful and sad but also quite heartwarming and I felt really satisfied afterwards.

Suwa is such a sweetheart and the best bro.


Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

Another hyped up anime that I think (kind of) lives up to its hype. Now granted I haven’t read the manga yet but I still think the anime was really great. Plot-twists, mysteries and time-travel, this show was awesome. And of course the opening gets stuck in my head.




This show was… special in a way, don’t really know how to describe it. The story was okay and the characters were great but I really wanted something more, I wanted to know more than what we got. I doubt we’ll get more of this (maybe an OVA?) but the show still left an impact on me and the opening was absolutely beautiful. Bless Michiyuki Kawashima, you’ll be solely missed.


Bungou Stray Dogs

I already read the manga before the anime was announced but nevertheless i still enjoyed it. It stuck mostly faithful to the source material and I looked forward to a new episode each week when this show aired.


Boku no Hero Academia

What can I say that haven’t already been said about this? The animation was on point, the story was awesome, the characters were great and I can’t wait for the second season next year!


Mob Psycho 100

I absolutely loved this show. It was funny, exciting, heartfelt and just a delight to watch. 100/100 Salt Attacks.



Yuri!!! On ICE

Ah, Yuri on Ice, a title that isn’t what it seems. Coming into this show, I had high expectations and didn’t have an ounce of disappointment. Perhaps the show isn’t suitable for everyone’s tastes or style but I would recommend it to anyone. This anime takes ice skating and character relationships to a new level that is phenomenal. It truly as the opening said “was born to make history”.

Aaaand that was it for me in 2016, it was as I mentioned before not the best year in general but it still gave us these games and shows that we love and I hope to see even more in 2017.

So until next time, Yami out~ (*^▽゚) /~




















Games and Anime highlights of 2016 (Part 1)

I’m not gonna sugarcoat this, 2016 sucked as a year, just as a year in general. Not specifically animated or gamewise. Just fuck 2016.

So many good people died, tragedies have happened all across the world, USA got Donald Trump as a president and it’s terrifying and just so many things happening this year that it is probably going to go down as a year to be remembered. And not in a good way.

Thankfully though for anime and game fans, we actually had quite a good year and had some really awesome games and anime that I think are worth mentioning.

This is not going to be a Top10 or really a list per se, but just me telling you guys my personal favorite anime and games that have come out this year that I loved.


If a particular game or anime you’re looking for isn’t here, the most probable answer is I have yet to play/watch it because I have been busy with other things and I maybe got stuck playing a boss in some rpg lol who knows

Anyway let’s roll and I’ll start with games in this one!

FIRST OFF, some honourable mentions of games that i haven’t played personally (more like watching other people playing it lol) but I still count as highlights of the year regardless and will probably play once I got the money and time for it:

Overwatch, Uncharted 4, Watch Dogs 2, The Last Guardian, Project X Zone 2, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, Steins;Gate 0 and Ace Attorney − Spirit of Justice.


God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PS4)

I played Gods Eater Burst when it first came out back in 2011 on PSP and was one of my fave rpgs on that console and just as an rpg in general. So imagine my surprise 5 years later when we didn’t just get the sequel localized, but an enhanced remake of the first game as well. I just really love these games for many reasons and I’m just happy that even after waiting for that long and giving up hope, we actually got these games. Just bless.

Speaking of waiting for long…


Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

Oh. My. God. Did we wait long for this game. TEN WHOLE YEARS IN FACT.

Was it worth it?

…Kind of?

I mean I love the game, there are many things I love about this game but there’s also a lot I don’t like about it in regards to the development cycle and the so many “this could have been in the game” that made me… “Slightly” angry haha… but, nonetheless the fact remains that we actually got the game out and I could actually play it. so gg Squeenix, now I’m just waiting for the story update and the DLC lol.


Pokémon: Sun and Moon (3DS)

I haven’t gotten so far as I just got it for my christmas present and I haven’t played a lot but my general impression is that I quite like it! And I just want to give Team Skull a hug.


Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (PS4)

Not much to say really, I just love both the first and the second game so much that I had to play it again dammit, and oh man the memories were coming back…


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (PS4)

Another remake and remastered game, of PS2’s Odin Sphere, with new animation, stages, changes to gameplay etc. It’s just a really pretty game and I’m so happy that they wanted to make it prettier lolol


Bravely Second: End Layer

I absolutely loved the first game, I loved the visuals, the characters, the music, the gameplay and now when we got the sequel i squeeled with joy. Truly an awesome rpg game that everyone should play.


Fire Emblem Fates (3DS)

Throwback to my Awakening review, I loved that game and now we got a new saga with new characters (with also some similar faces returning) and with similar gameplaydesign. I enjoyed playing Conquest and Revelation (have not played Birthright) and it was a very good game that I think everyone will enjoy regardless if they like strategy or not.

And this was it for Part 1 and in Part 2 i will talk about Anime and will probably be much MUCH longer hahaha

What were your game highlights of 2016?
















25 Anime Openings I never skipped


We all have our favorite openings that get us pumped up for new episodes or simply something that reminds you of all the adventures you had with all these characters.

I’m gonna list my own personal favorite openings that I never skipped when the series was still airing and also some I maratoned through and still didn’t skip them no matter what! because even if the last episode you saw ended on a cliffhanger, you just can’t skip that awesome opening!

This was (un)surprisingly a very hard list to narrow down as I had to look at all of the anime I watched (or atleast remember I did haha)

Here’s my MAL if anyone’s interested:Izanagi-No-Kai and from this list, who knows, maybe you’ll find something new to watch haha.

All of the openings are in no particular order and the only “rules” I have for this list is one opening per series.

1. Major Season 1 OP – Kokoroe by Road of Major

This anime is truly underrated and should be watched by every anime fan out there (whether you’re a sports fan or not), I could argue and say that all the openings were unskippable but the first one feels special not just for the lyrics but also for playing in the final season at the show’s most climactic moment and you just feel nostalgia all over again. Also worth mentioning the final season’s opening was was the same song but made by Triplane instead, getting all those feels back as you saw the little boy Goro from his young adolescent years growing up and playing in the Mayor League.

2. Clannad After Story Opening – Toki wo Kisamu Uta by Lia

All the tears are coming back…

Not really sure how to describe what feeling this opening gives off, other than it basically breathes peace and maybe nostalgia? This anime is was truly got me into all the other works done by KEY and also made me cry more times that I can count. The animation is amazing, the lights, the music, just soaking it all in as you watch this and see what lies beyond that flower field.

3. D.Gray-Man Opening 3 – Doubt & Trust by Access

This was really hard because all the openings were really cool and hard to skip, but then i remembered 0:42 and just took this one haha. DGM have always been a dark show but I believe that this was truly when the series took a different turn as so many new things happened. The song is really catchy and the visuals are awesome.

4. Katekyo Hitman Reborn Opening 4 – 88 by LM.C


This really brings out memories… I don’t really know what to say about this one. The song is awesome, the transition as you see the characters switching with their 10-years-later counterparts are really awesome and you just gets psyched to whats going to happen to our dear Vongola familia.

5. Boku Dake Inai Machi Opening – Re:Re by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

This was almost kind of obvious it would go into this list haha.

Not only is the song awesome but the clever way at how they hint important things about the mystery the show surrounds is really clever. Just a really solid opening for a solid show.

6. Charlotte Opening – Bravely You by Lia

Holy shit this opening is beautiful.

This was definitely one of my favorite shows when it first aired and Lia as always didn’t disappoint. The visuals are truly breathtaking and I just love this opening *cries*

7. Parasyte Opening – Let Me Hear by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

This band have a distinct style that you easily recognise and probably have heard used in other anime as well, ex: Hunter x Hunter and Kaiji S2. I loved the visuals and how the song timed in, its just awesome.

8. Shingeki no Kyojin Opening 2 – Jiyuu no Tsubasa by Linked Horizon


I really love both openings and I didn’t skip either of them but if I had to choose… I would have pick this one, sorry xD

Linked Horizon just really knows how to make epic music.

9. Boku no Hero Academia Season 1 Opening – The Day by Porno Graffitti


Right at the start it sweeps you in this adventure as you listen to the catchy song and visuals. Just simply awesome.

10. Shingeki no Bahamut Opening – EXiSTENCE by SiM

I have always loved rock music and this one is no difference. I love everything in this OP, the “wanted posters” ish montage at the beginning timing with the music, rest of the visuals, especially at around 1:13 are my favorite segment.

11. Log Horizon Opening – Database by MAN WITH A MISSION feat. TAKUMA (10-FEET)


I don’t have anything to say, this kind of speaks to itself haha.

12. Guilty Crown Opening 1 – My Dearest by Koeda, Supercell

One of the prettiest openings I have seen. The song is calm yet puts pressure, it really fits with the animation as it slowly builds up to the end.

13. One Punch Man Opening – The Hero!! Set Fire to the Furious Fist by JAM Project

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one singing along as you watched the new episode coming out.

Too many things to appreciate in this OP!
– Saitama punches the crap out of that smiley face star and it makes me crack up everytime!
– Mumen Rider going sick on that bike!
– The last part sounding reminiscent of Guns n Roses
– Saitama holding the grocery bag at the end like the ultimate badass and it ain’t no thang!
– That animation!
– That chanting in english!

Just a great opening to get you pumped up!

14. Planetes Opening – Dive in the Sky by Mikio Sakai

I don’t know what it is that I liked about this opening so much that I didn’t skip it. Just at the start the music was amazing and pulled me in. This is another truly great underrated anime that takes a concept and truly goes all the way and makes it seem really realistic and possible!

15. Akatsuki no Yona Opening 2 – Akatsuki no Hana by Cyntia

This opening is just really cool haha, the song is really catchy and the visuals are awesome, it was also at the point of the story when this opening came that just made it that much more awesome when you had to wait for new episodes when this was first aired.

16. X’amd Lost Memories Opening – Shut Up and Explode by Boom Boom Satellites

Right at the start you feel the catchiness (kind of like those shose in the beginning xD) and I just kind of went along with it and didn’t bother skipping it? I just really like this song, ok? xD

17. Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening – A Cruel Angel’s Thesis by Yoko Takahashi

I don’t know if I need to explain this one, the opening itself have become a meme now xD It’s just so iconic and one of it’s kind.

18. Baccano Opening – Gun’s & Roses by Paradise Lunch

It’s so damn catchy! I just really loved this opening and I never skipped it. It’s so clever in so many ways and you haven’t watched the anime already, this opening will probably make you interested.

19. Utawarerumono Opening – Musouka by Suara

Ahhh memories… even though I love the opening as a whole, it was those 3 first seconds with the characters in red that made me stay every episode.

20. Tears to Tiara Opening – Free and Dream by Suara

The irony when this song was done by the same artist who did Utawarerumono’s opening, not that I’m complaining though, in fact it actually just makes it better. I found this anime purely by chance after having watched Utawarerumono and wanted something similar, so I found this and the opening was far too awesome to skip when I binge-watched it.

21. Subete ga F ni Naru:The Perfect Insider Opening – Talking by kana-Boon

This opening was just really stylish and catchy, hard to miss as you just want to get up and dance to the beat!

22. Black Jack Opening 1 – Gekkouka by Janne

This was really hard as it stood between this and Young Black Jack‘s Opening. Ultimately I choose this one, feeling a bit biased hahaha, but I still really love both OPs and never skip any of them when the respective series.

23. Durarara!!x2 Ten Opening 1 – Day You Laugh by Toshiyuki Toyonaga

One thing I love about the Durarara!! openings other than the fact that the OPs are incredible is that fact that every character happens to be in the same place/locality for these 90 seconds, quite similar to Baccano in sense as you see all these characters are connected to each other one way or another. What I really liked about this opening that made it unskippable was; Mikado. One of my favorite characters of the show, and at this point in x2 Ten, it focused on him and the Opening really shines that fact. Don’t believe me?

Mikado appears in:
-0:20(passing by)
-0:28(zebra cross)
-0:39(walking on zebra cross with face hidden)
-1:10(using phone when suddenly Shizuo appears carrying a motorcycle)
-1:25(passes by)

And if that wasn’t enough, The Opening is sung by his Voice Actor.

24. Sidonia no Kishi Season 2 Opening – Kishi Koushinkyoku by Angela

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved the first opening, especially the first words of the lyrics that really describes the story;

“I will fight for someone else, I will fall on the battlefield for someone else”

But if I had to choose one of them, the second opening wins my heart. I love Angela, she have made so many good songs that I love and she has this disctinct style that’s easy to recognize. The opening really has a sort of anthem vibe to it, making you pumped up for the incoming battle as you fight for humanity.

25. Haruchika: Haruta to Chika no Seishun wa Koi ga Suru Opening – Niji wo Ametara by fhána

This opening is so happy and makes me smile, the lyrics are also describing the joy of music that really fits with the show.


Aaannd that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this list, maybe you found something new to watch or you might have seen any of these and felt nostalgia again? Feel free leave a comment on your anime openings you never skipped!

Yami out~ (*^▽゚) /~