Review: Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney (3DS)


Allo Allo!

Today I’m going to review the game Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright which I played just a little while ago (yes I live in Europe) and thought that I should do a small review on.


I’ll try my best not to ruin too much. If you really don’t want to know then please click away to another review.

So just a small overview, there is a girl called Espella Cantabella (DAT RHYME) who is bought to Professor Layton by one of his former student, Carmine Accidenti (yes all the names are VERY cliche). She has escaped from this place called Labyrinthia, a city where magic is real and witches are sentenced to death by fire. After some unexplainable cut-scenes and a court case for assault, both Phoenix, Layton, Luke and Maya find themselves trapped in the world of Labyrinthia where the creator, The Storyteller can create the future by writing its story down and delivering it to the townspeople via parades.


This game merges the elements of Ace Attorney and Professor Layton games smoothly and gave me a good experience to play both parts and characters. The most useful part I believed was that the fact that you could use hint coins whilst in court trials now. The cut scenes were AMAZE-BALLS like they were absolutely stunning and beautiful. The game itself was beautiful in its own design (of course you can’t compare them to games such as Bioshock or Assassins Creed but for it’s cartoon/anime look it was exactly like watching a show on a TV screen). The storyline for the game was average… UNTIL YOU GET TO THE PLOTTWIST! They revealed it in a way that I didn’t realise how shocking it was until like 5 minutes later when I was all: ohohohoohohoh – shitman. Which is never really a surprise with either Professor Layton or Ace Attorney games.


Small things that I was disappointed in was: the difficultly level fluctuates! Some puzzles were incredibly EASY and then they would be incredibly difficult and then some were really not difficult but frustrating to complete. I also wished that Layton and Phoenix had more interaction and that they went off against each other more throughout the game. There were also some loose ends that I felt like needed to be tied up a bit more, this is probably due to the fact that Layton did not explain the whole situation from start to end like he normally does in his own games. However I could deal with that and the ends could kinda be linked to what you’ve already been told.


This is overall an awesome game even though there were some elements that did take away from the game and even the high expectations that I had probably did take away from how good the game actually was but I did really enjoy playing it and recommend it to anyone whose a fan of either of the franchises.


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